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ACME's Logo Design Process

Here's Just How Easy The Logo Order Process is...

  • Fill Out The Logo Order Form

    Click on GET STARTED to fill out our secure online logo design order form. You will answer a few simple questions about your company or product (this will give us a solid idea of how to execute your design) and allow you to submit your $3 payment.

    If you'd prefer, we are more than happy to assist you with your design order over the phone. Just call us toll free at 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564). It couldn't be any easier!

  • Step 2

    Receive 3 Initial Logo Drafts in 3 Business Days

    Verification of your order will be e-mailed as soon as your order has been placed. Three logo design proofs will be sent directly to the email account you used to place the order within 3 business days of placing your order.

    • If you have found one you like, you may choose a logo at this time.

    • If you like one but wish to see changes made to it, you may request revisions to that logo. We will do as many revisions as it will take to suit your needs.

    • If you feel we have missed the mark you may simply request 3 brand new drafts. Like revisions, we will do as many logo drafts as it will take to suit your needs. This part of the process will continue until we have hit the mark. Your happiness is our main focus!

  • Step 3

    Final logo Gets Chosen!

    Hooray, we have hit the target!

    We will now finalize and upload your final logo designs within a single folder in the following formats: Illustrator .epsCMYK .tif (300dpi), Photoshop CMYK layers file .psd (300dpi), RGB formatted .jpg (72dpi), and a .gif. Just request any other format you may need and we will be happy to set the logo up for your distinct requirements. You may request a different format or size any time for free. Even a year later!

    That's it!

    The final payment will be processed, workable files will be uploaded, and all rights will be transferred to you. You will now have your very own professionally designed business logo design to use on all of your materials, from your website right down to your checks! Your competition will think you spent thousands! Nice work!

    And best of all, if you don't see results in 90 days we'll buy it back! See ACME's guarantee!!!

What if we haven't satisfied you?

In the unfortunate instance we can’t come up with a design that suits you no matter how hard we are trying, you may cancel the order at any time and owe nothing more.

There is simply no catch to this and there will be no questions asked.

It’s important to note you must let us know in writing that you wish to cancel the order.  Abandoned orders will be charged $100 after 30 days without communication from a client.

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