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Common Questions About Our Logo Design Process:

The total is only $300.  Here’s how it works…  You place your order with only $3 down you pay the final $297 only if you are satisfied!  It’s really that simple.

We only charge $3 up fron to show you (the client) just how serious we are about fulfilling your needs before our own. If we can’t satisfy your order for any reason you can just simply terminate the project with no hidden attachment to us.

We do keep the initial $3 payment. This is to cover our costs involving credit card fees.

We do not accept checks online, however, you may place your order over the phone and an account representative can assist you with your order if using a check payment. All orders using a check payment are not valid for our $3 down offer and full payment must be made previous to placing the order. On the other hand, we do accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and of course American Express online for your convenience.

Although we prefer that you place your order on line for tracking purposes, you can also contact us at 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564) where one of our design consultants can assist you with the ordering process.

We have developed the on line ordering form as a secured location to input your information without ever having to worry about it being interrupted by an outside source. If you are concerned with security, be assured that your information is safe with us and will not be sold or reproduced in any way.

Yes! In fact, here at acme-logo-design.com 99% of our projects are completely web based. After you have completed all the required information on the order form your request will be sent to our staff of designers. Our designers will then add the creative flair necessary to present you with your 3 preliminary proofs via your private viewing page. Of course, if you have any questions and would like to speak with a logo consultant directly you are welcome to call 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564) anytime.

Most illustrations are included in the pricing structure. There may be instances, due to the complexity, that the illustration you are requesting may not be included. If this becomes an issue an acme logo design.com representative will contact you immediately to determine a solution.

Yes, you will own the rights to your logo. A rights release contract will be sent to you along with a copy of your invoice within 10 days of the final payment to your credit card. (Usually this is sent with your logo files.)

Turnaround time is 3 business days guaranteed. You will receive your proofs within 72 business hours or sooner. At which time you can decide which designs suit your needs and what changes you would like made to them if any.

We will e-mail your logo in the following formats: Illustrator .eps, CMYK .tif (300dpi), Photoshop CMYK layers file .psd (300dpi), RGB formatted .jpg (72dpi), RGB formatted .png (72dpi), and a .gif (72dpi). Just request any other format you may need and we will be happy to set the logo up for your distinct requirements.

ACME Logo will archive your logo on our website. This will give you the ability to download your logo from anywhere in the world, on any computer, at any time!

Yes, RUSH service is available, for an additional fee of $150. Your custom designed proofs can be delivered to you in less than 24hours. Call ACME Logo to discuss the details for the rush design of your custom logo 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564).

3 designs will be sent to you via email. You will receive them within 3 business days of your order. You may choose a logo or ask to have revisions made to one of your designs. We will do as many revisions as it takes to suit your needs. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If ACME Logo™ has no response from the client for 30 days following Acme Logo’s™ last correspondance, we will consider the project abandoned and will bill the credit card used $100 to cover our time and costs. If this occurs, client may pay the difference of $197 up front to re-instate the logo order at any time following.

Yes of course. Any application can be accommodated with the formats that we provide to you. In addition if you decide to have acme-logo-design.com create your other applications this will be a seamless process and much more economical than using another provider.  This is due to our already broad knowledge of your likes and dislikes.  If necessary, we will send you a customized file type of your logo at your request.  You will just need to request the size, color format, and specific file type needed via email.

Yes we can! Our logo developers have extensive experience with flash and animated GIF images. (Formats used to provide movement to your logo). This option can provide the look that sets your image apart from the rest. Being that acme-logo-design.com would be very familiar with your logo it would be very easy to find the best motion to complement your custom logo. Contact us or call 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564) for additional information.

Yes! We provide a wide array of other services including: Business Card Design, Stationary, Letterhead, Website Design/Hosting, and Brochures just to name a few. We can also assist you in printing of any of these projects.  We also offer innovative online marketing consulting, to assist you with defining your area of marketing and developing a successful marketing plan.

No problem. If you can access our order form with the Internet or place a toll free call, it doesn’t matter where you are physically. Our acceptable forms of payment do not have any international constraints either. All funds are handled in U.S. Dollars. If you wish to speak with us directly, you may do so toll free, no matter where you’re calling from. 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564)

Yes of course! Feel free to call our toll free number 1-877-ACME-LOGO (226-3564) to speak with one of our design consultants.

Yes! You simply do not pay the final payment of $297 if you are not satisfied.  However, you must let us know via email or our contact form that you wish to cancel the order.

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