Our Logo Design Guarantee

We are proud to offer two guarantees for your protection:

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the designs ACME Logo provides you simply do not pay the final amount of $297!

90 day Results Buy-Back Guarantee: In the Unlikely event that your custom logo designed by ACME Logo™ does not get the financial results expected in 90 days, the criteria below must have been met for the Client to be eligible for the “Buy-Back” Guarantee.

  1. You must fill out a “Buy-Back Guarantee” request form. You may contact us to request the “Buy-Back Guarantee” request form.  The form will verify that the following objectives/criteria have been met.  The form must be filled out in its entirety and all required documents must accompany it. The form and attached documents must be mailed to ACME Logo™. Request form and all required documents must be received by ACME Logo™ within 7 business days of the “Buy-Back Guarantee” request forms original delivery to the Client. Documents sent separately will void this guarantee.
  2. The Client requesting the refund must be the client that requested the work and who’s form of payment was secured.
  3. The Client’s image must have been used consistently for at least 90 days.
  4. The image must have been used in at least 3 of the following applications and copies must be provided.
    • Flyers
    • E-mail
    • Website
    • Promotional Products
    • Apparel
    • Mailers
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • Envelopes
    • Vehicle graphics
  5. Copies of the Clients financial records from implementation to the final day of the 90 days. Showing little or no increase to gross profit.

Upon receipt of the Client request and all above required documents, ACME Logo™ will proceed to “Buy-Back” the Client’s Logo for the original price paid by the Client to ACME Logo™ within a 10 business day time period. If all criteria is not met ACME Logo™ will not honor the Client’s request.

Should a client receive a “Buy-Back Guarantee Refund” The client will consent and agree to relinquish all rights (Expressed or Implied) to the logo immediately upon clients receipt of ACME Logo’s™ “Buy-Back” refund payment. This includes any preliminary and or final designs in association to the disputed project. The client also acknowledges that these designs maybe resold by ACME Logo™ for future projects without notice to the Client.

The Clients account will be credited the original amount paid by the Client within 10-business days. If the Client paid using a check The Client refund will be mailed to the Client by check within the same time frame.

The “Buy-Back Guarantee Refund offer” will expire after 120 days of the original purchase. Requests for “Buy-Back Guarantee Refund”after 120 days will not be honored by ACME Logo™.

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