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How much does a custom logo cost?     

$300... $3 down you pay the final $297 only if you are satisfied!
In addition, we will offer a 90 day buy back guarantee if you do not see results using your new logo.

Here's how it works...
You make a $3 deposit (thats right, $3!). Within 3 business days 3 design proofs will be sent directly to your own private web page (you will be notified of your private web page via e-mail). You may choose a logo or ask to have revisions made to one of your designs. We will do as many revisions as it will take to suit your needs. All this for just $3 down when you order and the remaining balance of $297.00 which will be billed at final approval.

That's right! Your custom logo, designed to your precise needs, for $300.00 with absolutely no catch and only a $3 risk!

And best of all, the entire process is totally secure. And, don't forget about our amazing 90 day results guarantee! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So let's get started now...

If ACME Logo™ has no response from the client for 30 days following Acme Logo's™ last correspondance, we will consider the project abandoned and will bill the credit card used $100 to cover our time and costs. If this occurs, client may pay the difference of $197 up front to re-instate the logo order at any time following.

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